What to do with Boneshard Lacerator

I have both the normal and empowered version of this: Boneshard Lacerator

Could I make a viable 2H, bleed-focused build? The first thing that came to mind was a Blade Arc Warder…or a Conjurer.

Worth messing around with?


2h bleed builds while uncommon are doable

I recommend Warder (tank and Menhir’s Will) and Conjurer (extra RR)

With Warder, does Blade Arc win out or are we still talking Savagery?

Definitely doable, check out “The Guillotine” legendary 2hander for an end game weapon. I would do blade arc warder with primal bond or 2h trickster for anatomy of murder, pb/sd, and veil of shadow.

Here’s a theorycrafted 2h trickster I put together the other day. Haven’t tested it at all but it seems good.


I happen to have one of those. I’m assume we want to spam Blade Arc and not take Clean Sweep?

I’d go bleed Warder, levelling with either Savagery or Blade Arc (and in both cases, devouring swarm w/ rend for the resistance reduction), eventually, the Blood Rager set aimed at just such a build should enable you to use Savagery as auto-attack and Clean Sweep as a nuke.

Honestly, not sure.

I suppose you can use transmuted Blade Arc with Savagery as your LMB

I have a Guillotine
I have a full Bloodrager’s set
250k+ bleed damage per tick

That is actually something if is made on undeaths :smiley: