What to do with Dermapteran Slicers?

I keep getting “Puncturing…of Alacarity” and “Heart Piercing…of Alacarity” Dermapteran Slicers. Seems pierce builds focus on Nightblade and the Vets are calling DW BMs a bust at this point. Are these worth hanging on to anymore?

If you got one with decent rolls, by all means keep it. The game changes all the time, maybe they will be more useful later. :wink:

well how you get pierce damage and how you scale it is weird&hard in GD.

first of all, you need sword with high %pierce amount to convert its physical damage.
you need to max dual blades cause you want that FLAT pierce damage, cause you scale pierce damage mostly from flat amounts
you want all +FLAT pierce devotions, unknown soldier15 8already sux, assasin devotion, and even harpy for flat pierce…

last patchs, all bmasters goal was reaching olerons wrath for blind fury boosting aeo capacity of bmasters… also this is really great t3 constellation with all other bonusses.

but after 1.08 patch, unknown soldier lost life leech and all +pierce constellations got nerfed… so its so hard to reach olerons wrath on these conditions… so techinically pierce bmasters lost their aeo capacity by ton not going blind fury of olerons… and i dont think its good choice to go olerons due to life leech nerfs aswell…

this list goes on, also belgothian relic nerf is another significant nerf to them… they were so strong zerking down the whole content before now, this part is crucial !!! amount of items you need and efforts to craft farm all gear, their performance is so low compare to most builds… actually they fall behind some casters in dmg output and survivablity part.

dont get me wrong they are still solid, if you want to play them… but there are many many good other builds require less gear and effort and will perform better than pierce bmasters these days imo.

Gear is always ever-green yes DW-Pierce Blademasters are pretty much dead but the game’s still growing

Battlemage was a dead horse for a while, it was Meta when the game was in development but full release of game made Battlemage a non-meta class combo till about Valbury Patch where some items were introduced that allowed one to make good Battlemages

So even if not for Blademasters (cause fuck that class combo, right?) but those sweet-ass slicers may come in handy some other time

I’ll tuck them away on my mule…but, seriously…how do people manage so many items. I have all the shared stash tabs full of legendaries and a mule with the Barnabas bag full of epics that will help level lower toons.

Why does inventory space always have to be an issue in arpgs? What I would give to have a FF-type infini-stash that didn’t require modding the damn game. :frowning:

I use multiple copies of transfer files in separate folders (legendaries, MIs, epics etc.)

Works for me.

I’m unsure what you’re talking about. :confused:

Are they -actually- faster than any other “very fast” attack speed 1 handers? I used to use them on my bleed guy but didn’t seem to make a difference

They have 1.23 atk/s, but I think they are sought out for the 50% Armor Piercing.

DW Pierce builds usually prefer them because with the Blades of Nadaan node that converts armor piercing by 50%, it means with a Slicer the armor piercing conversion will be 100%.

Heart Piercing of Voracity is probably the most sought after Slicer.

Derma is fine if you build oldschool DW BM with deathmarked set, but for new gen BM (more oriented soldier tree) with Cadence build i think Reaver’s Claw x2 is a better option. (also easier to obtain than a crazy double rare affixe derma)

you put all your X stuff in your share stash.
go to save folder
copy transfer.(something)
make folder named X
paste trasfer.(something) into folder X

now you have all your X items in the X folder

whenever you want to tranfer somethng to a character, just copy/paste the old file back (care, you’ll erase whats currently into shared stash), tranfer it, and copy paste it into the backup folder

neat and tidy when you can arrange folders x/y/z (sets/legenaries/epics/etc)


it would be tons simpler if stash was simply unlimited…

I use GD Stash. Quasi unlimited stash space. The tool stores the items outside of GD, and you can´t [mustn´t] run them both at the same time, but that is okay, just use it for stuff you want to put away for later.