What to expect at Port Valbury?

I know, it suffered great influence from Aetherials, but in a Port we allways expect humans, and in a old school game, pirates for sure!
Would be nice to see some “cursed” pirates, like Jarren but with less aetherial form, they could be Jarrens Gang as same as Crownleys Gang, pets/slaves will less Aetherial powers!

We can expect barrels.

I would not expect pirates. Burrwitch has a harbor too and there were none, also historically speaking they should have been 100-200 years earlier.

Given that it is an Aetherial rogue dungeon, expect what you find in aether fields…

Expect lots of aetherfire. That lovely, awesome and totally not annoying aetherfire…

green fire GREEN FIRE !!!

It’s a port, not a pirate island.

We can expect to fight inside ships.

Also, bring 1000 scrap and you can fix your own ship and set sail to the world.:slight_smile:

I like this idea.

And yeah, we won’t fight pirates. Jarren wasn’t a pirate.

My question though is whether it’s part of the port or the entire port that is sealed behind gates unlocked by skeleton key

I’d wager on it having space to explore before needing a skeleton key, both BoC and SoT are like this. Plus if it is, and would make sense, the area on the map north of Burrwhich, then it looks pretty big. Would not make sense to me having that big area completely sealed off from the get go. :slight_smile:

Expect to use a Skeleton Key in there.

but check out the lore about Jarren, he was the harbormaster and got “dominated” by aetherial forces, so humans was living there in the beggining…
The taken/witch who we can burn or save in Blood Grove could be a sub-boss there too, she`s misterous a lot and we cant find anything about in the lore!

We need another faction to fight another nemesis, could be a good idea to put them in Port Valbury…