What would you like to see in a live stream about Grim Dawn?

Hello community =)

As the topic already is pointing out: What would you like to see in a live stream about Grim Dawn?

I recocknized that there a only a few streams with very little viewers about Grim Dawn. I asked myself why? Is it because of game popularity, because of a low populated community, or is watching grim dawn jsut boring?

Please let me know!

I am doing streams on twitch and if there are some reasons I can improve, then I will.

Maybe check out my stream on twicht and tell me what you do like and what not. Of course would be nice if you follow me =)

Here is the link for the stream.

hope to see you soon. Greetings


I want you to actually stream things like DAIL and such. Vanilla streaming is getting progressively stale and boring to watch - it’s all the same thing.

Starting fresh with showcasing some mods is good investment, I think.

I feel you should stream about how you play and experience GD. As you are a hardcore player, how do you explore the game? Or if you follow somebody else’s build, how does it work out for you?

Playing/Reviewing builds/mods would be cool.

Showcase HC Grimarillion mod.

Perhaps to be able to select faction rep bar above/below XP bar. I would also like to see the clock at all times. I would also like to see some sort of cool down indicator flash mid screen.

Would have to be HC Self found for me to watch. Starting fresh for each character is important, and trying new builds that you have never done before, and that are not as strong is important. Make it some sort of challenge. IE a build with all points put into Cunning / Spirit, so as to increase the expectation of death, but also helping out the builds effectiveness at the same time.

You should not look up what is the most effective build, no one wants to see this. Play something different, make it fun / challenging…


Hey this are a lot of answers, thank you all fot the quick response. I am going to think about some of the suggestions and let you know if I do some of these.

I hope for more suggestions to come.:cool:

Btw what about crucible? Is that worth to watch for you? (especially in hardcore)

Hi I jsut tried DAIL MOD. Check it out here.

Video is not so good quality but I get an 400k Internet the next week so it will improve soon!!!