What would you want for GDM #128 ?

The next misadventure will very likely be the last before the expansion. What do you want to know which hasn’t be answered yet ?

Personally i’m thorn between the last faction and a sneak peak of the high-level content (rogue-like dungeon, Nemesis, or both :smiley: ?). What about you ?

Nudes of the Gazerman.

Expansion Patch notes :roll:

documentary of the behind the scenes

That “Crate story” that was never told.

Presentation of the items we all want to see:

  • Mythical Soiled Trousers
  • Mythical Pretty Great Pants
  • Mythical Stonefist Rebuke

Feel like I just stepped into the forum crack house.

Have a blast guys. Be sure to make this thread so long it will take Zantai days to think of something that is not on this thread. :smiley:

Xpac 2 release date. :rolleyes:

Seriously though, nothing, really. I´m done, thank you.
No more spoilers please.
Or maybe Zantai in a zentai?

Nah, I´m good.

With the release of the updated grim tools, we have got pretty much everything I wanted to see (or at least that I know I wanted to see, I am sure there is something that could still surprise me). I don’t want spoilers for the story. I think from here the most interesting thing might be to talk about some of the class skills, what the design was aiming for, and how they have changed along the way.

Xbox one version.

Optimization questions asked. DX11, etc.

There’re a lot of things I want to see in the next and last pre-expansion Misadventure, but more likely I’m just daydreaming. Anyway, I want something from these stuff:

-some new exiting game-changing mechanics like socketing/enchanting/mini meta-class system (like in PoE) etc.

-adequate end-game -we want to play with our main chars more after gearing them at ultimate point

-engine improvements - a lot of people have fps issues, especially in Crucible

-more interesting Crucible features, because now it is nobrainer & no fun

-some decent trailer for the x-pac

-complete voice acting of all characters

-at least 8 loading screens

-tactical boss fights, not LMB acting - make the bosses harder to kill, not just their stats x100 higher than ours. We need more thinking/skills while fighting them. Some kiting, hiding and tactics. Mogdrogen is the strongest boss in the game right now and it cost you 5-6 minutes perma LMB to kill him. Absolute boredom! The Mad Queen is more interesting at some point.

-followers of some kind: pets/beasts or human(oid)s - it doesn’t matter. It’s always exiting to gear up your companions and to make them usefull

Yeah, I know, childish suggestions…

Kinda gree with you on most of your list, but these:

High cost, little return.

You’re absolutely right about these three. They’re, let’s say, more cosmetic & minor things, but at the same time they provide some better marketing look of the product. We all know that GD is full of high quality content: replayability value and great diversity/theorycrafting. But still a lot of people are saying that the story is “muted” literally and figuratively. The story, cinematics and sound make the atmosphere more deep and catches the players instantly. Adding this things next to the deep gameplay of GD, things are going to be somehow complete as a whole.

But let’s say these things are crap. We’re not going to get some of the other game-changing stuff, which are mentioned.

We will get more of the same. Don’t get me wrong - I LOVE this game and I have 1300 hrs in it. I’ll insta buy the x-pac as soon as possible and will play it at least 500 hrs, but I want GD to be greater and to celebrate its 10 million sales ((:

500hrs pfff

500 hrs only necromancer combos, then 500 inquisitor :cool:

slightly better

We have a winner

Isn’t gazerman already naked?