What's the best DPS AOE build? but good x1 with bosses

Hey guys,

Like the titles says, whats the best aoe build?

Im trying to lvl up an tatician but im not liking the style and the dmg.

Can u guys suggest me one aoe build? i already have a druid.


Best AoE? Probably mortars build. But you need time to set it up. Another option is Callidor+Devastation Spellbinder.

As whole casters style offer the best AoE skills. And also you can boost them with devotions.

I’d say turn to the dark side and make use of some curses in the form of bloody pox. Bloody pox + fevered rage, best fun aoe you will ever have… :smiling_imp:

thanks bro

blood pox? i love this skills but i can’t find any build with this, or if i find is a piano build.

can u show me an exemple?

most caster builds are piano builds and the more piano the more possibilities for AoE

You don’t have to play caster if you don’t like the piano playstyle. Here’s a melee AOE option that can be done with a ton of fun procs, bells and whistles. You can pretty much have fun from the start -

Best AoE is Cyclone and other lightning concepts with shaman pseudo pets (Light’s Defender, even severely nerfed Allagast vindicator)

Mortars would be number 2, both lightning and fire.

I would not omit vitality conjurers who might not deal as much dmg as lightning but they are practically unsinkable with their healing - total oupiedness like nothing I’ve seen before.

I don’t know what kind of Druid you have, but Druid with Trozan’s Skybreach (https://www.grimtools.com/db/itemsets/97) + Codex of Eternal Storms (https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9357) is super fun and beatiful build. You have TSS, 4 Wind Devils, 3 totems, Call the Storm and ton of procs…should I continue?

And I insist that you don’t have to play a caster to be a caster! :smiling_imp:

This spec can be played from the start and at level 58 becomes pure awesomeness! Pure Acid/Poison once you have everything converted.
EoR DPS 60k - around level 60.
Guardian Gaze (6 eyes) + Dreegal’anore (3 eyes) + Ulzuin’s Torch + a lot of mobility = OP

GrimTools https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV77dMyV

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