Whats the best mastery combination for Sword/Board?

I wanna do a sword/board character. Whats the best class combination for that? I was thinking Soldier/Arcanist for Battlemage since apparently Death Knight is a terrible build from what I’m told.

Soldier/Occulist & Soldier/Commando are good combinations.

You could check the Classes, Skills and Builds for a build that suits your play style.

Idk who keep saying that but Death knight is a beast. Unlike arcanist it also gives aether resist reduction so why anyone would think battlemage is better is beyond me

Been waiting for someone to say this.

It relies on conversion and a single set of gear if that’s it’s selling point. None of it’s own kit that is otherwise useful or reasonable for a soldier dual class meshes with that fact, and even at that you’re leaving the third damage type on the table largely unsupported (vitality). We wont mention the cold or poison damage, clearly no one in class design did.