What's the latest on Crate's town builder game? Now entitled Farthest Frontier

Huh, didn’t even know about that eis. Minister of Information indeed. :smiley:

More importantly, who is going to take over his job? :eek:

Maybe that’ll be one of the decisions we have to make ingame. :slight_smile:

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Poor Ulthar, we hardly knew ye’.

Alright! That is hilarious. Thanks for posting, medea. If they are doing preorder or kickstart at all, I am definitely in.

Don’t think there’ll be either hedgewitch. Hopefully the game is nearly finished if they’re getting a website and marketing sorted out and Crate don’t tend to do pre-orders.

Oh well–I’ll just have to wait to throw my money at them then. Really cool about getting to the website stage–and that means surely they will be doing a trailer at some point soon, too. Yes!

Hopefully. Medierra’s not saying much atm, but we can always hope those tri-beers he downs will eventually loosen his tongue. :smiley:

From Crate’s facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/123661054341519/photos/a.1155961267778154/2978800548827541/?type=3&source=48&tn=EH-R

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Yay! Another screenshot! Now get that darn website up guys. We want to know MOAR! :smiley:

Um, looking at the recent screenshots and comparing them to the one Medierra posted Christmas 2017 there seems to be a big difference in them. Christmas screenshot is quite detailed, while the latest ones I’d say are more cartoonish. I’m hoping the latest ones are just for comments/info/instructions and not an example of what the game itself is going to look like because it’s a big change from the Christmas screenshot. :undecided:

Darn it big M, we need MOAR info/screenshots! MOAR!

I hope it was just a filter they used.

It was, they say almost as much in the FB link. It’s just usual Crate joking around, teasing.


Yeah, that’s looking more like it! :smiley: Thanks Powbam. Next time resize the screenshots to 800x600 first then they won’t overwhelm the post. :wink:

I left it original size intentionally so all detail can readily be seen. That’s why I put it in spoiler2 tags. And anyway… it’s a link to the original, not an attachment so no resizing in this case.

A Town-builder game in the Grim Dawn World would be amazing. I mean, imaging creating your own little homestead as the aetherials/cthonians/forgotten dudes prepare armies that you have to fend off! Tower defence like, ofcourse. I just really like the story in Grim dawn and the potential it has, they could make every future game resolve around it.

A few more comments from Zantai in the 24th May stream:

"mauric1us : does the town builder game have a name?
It has a name. I don’t think I’m allowed to tell you yet.

DarkOmeh : what year you think that the new town building will come or have more information @CrateEntertainment
Maybe I should tell you cause they’ll be forced to live up to what I tell you. But it’s probably 2020. If they release it this year. Come on guys, make 2019 happen. What’s stopping you, it’s easy. I mean Grim Dawn’s been out for years, why isn’t the town builder done?

tuftyfella : is there a match 3 element to the town builder?
No. And I will dare say officially here that it does not require a phone either.

killmame : by town builder, not sure if you can say, but can you describe what it might be like?
It’s going to involve building a town and having people in that town and having them, you know, not die every winter."

2020 is an awfully long way away big M. :cry: Please give us some more screenshots, it’s name, website to get excited over, something please.

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“And I will dare say officially here that it does not require a phone either.”

The Toilet Diablo hammer will forever be feared by devs :slight_smile:

Looks like a Age of Empire vs Anno kind of RTS.

I am down for that!