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So I was big on the TQ forums, and I have checked in on Crates works from time to time, but I don’t know where everything is at currently. Can someone provide some links giving me the cliff notes of the history. I see you can buy the game now, is it in alpha yet?
I know I haven’t spent anytime searching and what not, but I don’t have tons of time like I used to. Anyways, hope to see some familiar gamer tags from the past.


Check out the new Kickstarter page, it should answer most questions I think.

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Hi Whisk33,

For more details on the current state see State of the Game Address, where you can read that the game has not reached alpha.

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I remember you from TQ forums. Good ol’ days! =)

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I was on the Titan Quest forums too :). Not as big as you i guess, but i did get my Warfare guide stickied in the Warfare forums :p.

Hey, i ll be seeing around at release, i guess.

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Hey Whisk33, I remember you. Welcome aboard!

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Hello Whisk33, I remember you well from titanquest.net days! :wink:

No alpha yet but it is on the horizon and hopefully will be a little sooner to arrive if our KS goes well.