What's the longest early access game?

The longest early access game is subjective and can vary based on different criteria. However, one game that has been in early access for an extended period of time is “ARK: Survival Evolved.” ARK: Survival Evolved was first released on Steam’s Early Access program in June 2015, and it remained in early access for several years before its full release in August 2017.

Early access games are those that are released in a partially finished state, allowing players to play and provide feedback to the developers while the game is still in development. The length of time a game remains in early access can vary widely, depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the game, the resources available to the development team, and the pace of development.

In conclusion, the longest early access game can vary based on different perspectives and criteria, but one example is “ARK: Survival Evolved,” which was in early access for several years before its full release.


My patience set a precedent.

Grim Dawn went into early access in 2013 (around July/August for KS backers iirc) and went to full release on 25th February 2016. It was very much a work in progress since at the time of the KS there were only 2 full time employees at Crate. You can see how much things changed over the years by going through the 176 Grim Misadventures that Zantai wrote. When early access started we barely had Act 1 to play. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’d never been in an early access game before and watching the game’s development over the years has been as much fun for me as playing the game itself. Not expecting Farthest Frontier to be as long in EA as it’s much farther along in its development.


7 days to die has ARK beat, that game went into early access back on December 13th of 2013 and to this day its still considered “Early Access”