What's the point of Life Leech?

So ever since “X Life Leech over Y seconds” was removed, I’m very confused as to why there are still items that reduce the life leech resistance of enemies.
Valguur’s Hunger set, Mythical Wildblood Crusher, Haunt, and Cursed Tincture all reduce the enemy’s resistance to life leech.
Does this actually do anything? What’s the point of this if players no longer have access to life leech damage?

You’ve never seen the stat “Attack Damage Converted to Life”…?

What does that have to do with life leech? Please spell it out for me, I’m apparently dumb :rolleyes:

Life leech is (still) very applicable. There are a couple of types

A. Weapon damage LL or attack damage converted to health (adcth).
-is a % of weapon damage done that gets returned to your HP.
-never benefits from over 100% weapon damage <–talking about weapon damage here: ie. if you do 200% wpn damage with a skill, you only get a maximum 100% wpn damage heal.
-will be reduced if the weapon damage is not 100% (by the % less than 100%)

B. spells or devotions that give a % of damage back as health per round. Such as occultist Sigil of Consumption.
-not connected to weapon damage

Note that heros and bosses have resistance to life leech, so you will get less from them, depending on their category level. You can look up the levels in the wiki. Superbosses, for example, will have 95% resist.


so in the example of the superboss:
if you have 100%LL, then you will in fact only have 5% LL against the superboss. Any LLRR will increase that. And thus return you more health per attack.

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Thanks for your reply. I’m still confused however on how reducing your opponent’s life leech resistance interacts with your lifesteal.
As for life leech resistance, it sounds like it “resists” how much the attacker heals, rather than reducing any amount of damage taken, is this correct?

Yes, it never impacts your damage to the mob; it only impacts your healing from the damage numbers you do.

One is life leech over time and one is instantaneous, both are forms of life leech.

Let’s say I have 10k weapon damage. And 10% attack damage converted to health. And use a skill that has 50% weapon damage. Assume enemy has 0% life leech resist.

a) Will I gain 10000 x 0.1 x 0.5 = 500 health per attack


b) Will I gain 10000 x (0.1 x 0.5) x 0.5 = 250 health per attack?

The calculation in b) shows that the 10% adcth is scaled with the part of weapon damage the skill uses.

-will be reduced if the weapon damage is not 100% (by the % less than 100%)

^ good question. I did a little reading on this and although I was under the impression that your case B (double penalty) would be the case…

…it seems later patches set it to case A. according to this thread:

adcth clarifications see the last post.

Someone around here (korsar I think?) did some testing and I believe determined that the correct answer is B but the flat damage from the attack also counts for the amount of damage the ADCtH has to work with.

Ok so its like a dual penalty for using skills with low wpn dmg component.