What's with Boss Resistances?

So in patch, there’s this line under [Tech]:

“Fixed certain defenses being reducible by Total Resist Reduction that should not have been.”

Meaning, Total Resist Reduction no longer reduces stun, freeze resist and the like. Seeing as TRR was supposed to be just for damage sources, this makes sense.

But then, why are the boss resistances still 110%, 145%, and 500% at level 4 5 and 6? Why not make them all 100% if there’s no way to reduce the resistance?

Am I missing something, is there another way to reduce, say, stun resistance (besides Total Resist Reduction)?

TRR was never able to affect CC resists.

That particular change was primarily intended to fix an issue where the player’s shield block chance went negative when the player was hit with an RR debuff.

Other defensive properties were also affected but I don’t remember which ones.

I remember taking a weapon that reduced all resists and attacking a skeleton with reflect. I looked at my resistances on the char sheet and it reduced all the damage resists as expected. But it also reduced some things like stun and freeze, though not all cc resists which I found odd.

Recently I tried it again and it didn’t work, it only reduced the damage related resists. So I searched the patch notes and found that in

No. Previously, TRR reduced block chance/recovery. That was fixed in the aforementioned changelog.

TRR does not and has not affected CC resists. Reflect has a display issue in the char sheet.

Edit: Well, I think TRR used to affect CC resists a long time ago. Possibly as far back as early pre-IT TQ.

They must have fixed the display issue since I’m no longer seeing what I did the first time I tried it.

So back to my original question - why are the boss resistances at different levels above 100%? As opposed to just 100% resistance.

I don’t know about other CC effects but a few items have Freeze Resist Reduction on them. There was a time when bosses had low enough CC resists to be affected by them. It was… silly. Perma-frozen Nemesis level silly.