What's with the ending?


For the last few weeks I was pretty much into Grim Dawn. Starting it again and again with a new build without actually “finishing” the story. So, now I’ve finished the game on veteran with my sorcerer and I am only level 53. What? I was wandering around, discovering the whole map, doing bounties and I have managed to reach only level 53??? Is it a joke or I am doing something wrong? And where the hell are those devotion shrines? There is only one unlocked on the map (probably some mission related but of course never encountered this mission) and I have only 25 dev points… ???

Could anybody enlighten me is this really how it should be?

Thank you

What the problem?.. there’s 2 more difficulties…

There’s two more difficulties, Elite and Ultimate.


sorry for the rant, now I get it… still strange way of making a game “replayable” but okay… let’s get to it then :wink:

Not that strange, it’s quite common.

Go back almost 20 years to Diablo 2, you’ll find it there too. It’s the ‘norm’ for arpg titles.

Even games like borderlands and dark souls do things like this now… (NG+ etc)


I guess I am not that much experienced in ARPGs. Don’t tell anybody but I’ve never actually finished Diablo II. :wink:

Do you think level 53 should be okay for starting Elite?


Levek 53 is more than enough to start Elite.

It’s not about level, but rather about how well you can take things on. Elite isn’t that hard if you finished things on veteran. Also, before heading over to Elite might want to make sure if you have all the 28 devotion shrines unlocked on normal/veteran and haven’t missed the side quests and one shot chests (bonus exp).