Whats your playstyle?

I feel like this game is really long and finishing 2 or 3 difficulties with every character is quite time consuming.

Maybe I should fight my OCD to explore every inch of the map and just rush to ultimate.

Just wondering how people like to play.

I always explore every inch of a map… you may miss out a Hero enemy, or a stash. Plus lots of hidden secrets in this game.
I used to think it is long, too, but now with a good PC to run it on and better understanding of how to invest in skills, I can usually get a character to complete the base game in 1-2 weeks depending on how much free time I have to play next to work and all that.
It also helps if you put aside Epics and Legendaries you find in the shared Stash for other characters who can use them. Makes the game faster if you have better gear on low levels too. Not really mandatory though, as you often find the best items yourself. Also, shared Component stash helps a lot. I did the same in Titan Quest.

I guess it change and my current answer will be something between two choice.

My first character did explore every single inch of the map (ended Normal at 54!)
Afterwards I played more relaxed doing all quest but not necessary exploring every little hole.
Now that the expension came out once again I did every single inch of the map in Ultimate with existing character.

The future character will follow the All Quest but not all map approach in Normal. I will just cheat my way out of Elite and do Ultimate All Quest but not all Map I should still reach level 100 before end of the game.

Idk what to vote for.

I don’t explore everything, but still often full clear locations I like.

I do most quests and often pick up bounties if they are aligned well, but may easily say “screw that” and don’t return for hidden path on veteran until level cap.

I do try to complete normal quickly, but I mostly do it by playing a powerful build with good clear speed rather than skipping content.

And I do try to power level, and that’s the reason I pick all the available quests and do bounties along the way and rush locations that I feel aren’t good for exp.

But no, I always level chars myself. I would get bored if the only thing I did was making edited builds to show people and devs how good am I at numbers.

I mostly explore everything, as I always hope to find good loot after the next corner. And I do not like these black regions on the map.

In my first playthrough I explore everything. Then I do all quest but dont explore.

Alot of explorers here. I personally don’t care until I reach the soft level cap (75 and now 94), but haven’t gotten to the point where I would just craft the shit out of a new toon to see how my ideas work yet.

I do all the quests and explore only the areas with one shot chests in elite/ultimate.

Hmm hard to pick really,

Been playing this game so long that I am bored of exploring everything so I just have it so that I can play the game without any fog of war, I know the game in and out where to look for a certain quest/enemy

But I like the option of: rushing through normal and go to elite/ultimate

What I do:

all main quests in normal and the quests that give me a extra skill or attribute point

then I go to Elite do the same and level a bit more there, when I think I can go to Ultimate (having searched through my stash and if needed crafted the boots / rings) and mostly complete everything on Ultimate Even mogdrogen, mad queen, ravager and the 2 secret quests if my builds can take the beating

Depends. If I am enjoying the game or if I am seeing how viable something is to level, I do mostly everything (but I stopped exploring the map completely after 600 hrs which was a surprisingly hard habit to break).

If I am just theory crafting, I’ll hack it. If I enjoy it though, I’ll go back through with a fresh toon to enjoy the game.

I explore every nook and cranny, talk to everyone, exhaust all options, look for all the secrets etc.

I collect 1 from every Epic/Legendary item as well.

However on my 8th character doing everything 3 times really starts to get repetitive - which is really a praise for Crate as it didnt feel repetitive on the first 20+ replays :slight_smile:

Now, need more content and story :slight_smile:

I explore everything, but only when I have a finished build and a clear goal in mind.

Otherwise, I make a blank 100 level character and test it through Ultimate to see, if my build can hold a candle.

Almost 500 hours here and im starting to feel the drag. Last 2 characters I stopped after finishing veteran. The only thing that keeps me going ia different class combos.

Only 1 character finished ultimate.
About 6 finished epic.
And a ridiculous amount of 13 finished veteran.

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Until the 6th playthroug i did Campaing Modes, Forums Trades and so.

After that i get retired for about 6 months. Then i’ve returned and now i use and Editor for everything cuz i don’t have time anymore to grind.

now that there’s xp potions and the secret quest armor set for a total of +140% xp it’s not really much of a chore to run a character through campaign, grabbing the rep and assorted tidbits that fall out along the way. It’s a challenge in its own way to just rush through with whatever gear you have on hand, -28% poison res in ultimate? no big deal, that can be managed

In almost all ARPG’s and RPG’s, I explore everything. The expansion has forced me to streamline that. I’m not doing most the quests, and heading right for the areas I need to proceed, and killing bosses and hordes which I know that are not too far out of the way.

I have a similar selection of characters, although I had more who have finished Ultimate, but only 1 that has finished AoM Ultimate (and another about to step in to the area in Ultimate).

I only get focused on 1 character at a time. When the character is playing the way I envisioned him, I some times get an inch to play another character, and that one is set aside to play later, which I never do. Only characters which are exceptionally fun, get played after my vision has worked out.

And if I want to try a combo I had already, I never want to go back to one I have created, but not finished. I like to see the characters grow from level 1 to 100.

Voted for none of the options, didn´t fit.

Atm my playstyle is like this: play until Ultimate, get totally ass-fucked (but not in a fun way) once I hit new new areas, ragequit.

Start new character, repeat. :rolleyes:

Are you having troubles in the old areas of Ultimate, or just when you hit AoM?

Getting the proper defenses for Ultimate is difficult, but once you do, it’s not so bad. AoM Ultimate is like a higher level on top of that, so the same thing has to be done before you are ready there.

You probably have the ability to be ready for it, with a bit of effort. It often requires giving up some offensive gear to get there, unfortunately, but then better gear drops for you, and you get get it all back.

Nah, just when I head into xpac content, the new areas.

I have now completely overhauled my Purifier, got more defensive items and changed my devotions, maybe it will be better when i have them leveled. Main problem probably is my lack of mythical weapons for my build.

But still, at the moment, heading from “normal Ultimate” into xpac content feels like heading from Elite into Ultimate pre Aom, and that just isn´t okay.