When can I add points to devotion?

Unable to add points - at level 22

You need to add points in the start wheel “crossroad” first

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Later on you might be able to remove points from Crossroads again. Likewise you might need some constellations as temporary stepping stones. See How to make devotions support themselves in Devotions: A how-to on maximizing them

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Do you have points to add? Have you cleansed the shrines to get some?

Devotions points doesn’t come from leveling up, you need to unlock them specifically individually by cleansing Devotion Shrines in the game world/map
they will appear like these giant oval standing stones https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menhir, and gets and icon/displays both on your map and minimap when close

(just realized it would have been simpler to just link the GD wiki instead of actual menhir wiki :confounded:)

Imagine not reading tutorials, right?

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Babysitters unite!

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How about not being sarcastic to newcomers and helping them out so they can enjoy the game like we do.


Well that is the reason why I made this compendium :slight_smile:

Which doesn’t help this particular newcomer.

@wolfwrack Have a read of this section of the Game Guide.


Sorry, can’t answer seriously on qustions like that, especially when it is answered within game’s tutorial messages. Don’t you agree it would be easier for everyone if they just read it? It would take them one minute and you don’t have to answer the same questions millions of times.

My advice is to actually read the information provided by the devs rather than going straight to forums. That is, if the enjoy the game. I know I did.

It can be, but some people find them annoying. I think I turned them off in Titan Quest pretty early in my learning curve of that game because they popped up at the most inconvenient times sometimes.

Is this even possible? Can you play GD tutorial mode? :smiley:

Well, they’re still available in Codex at any time. So even reading all of them will take less time than writing on forums and waiting for someone not like me to reply.

No. But you can play “story only” mode alright! Just play pets right?

There will always be someone who misses something, which is obvious to anybody else. And we all know there is a lot of stuff in GD, which can be missed easily.

Yes, but this is not how human beings work. At least not reliably.

Fair. But I still think we are just spoiled by triviality of gaining information through Internet instead of digging a bit further. I myself searched about Lokarr quest here on forums because clues provided were too obscure for me for the most part.

You must be the first person in the world who never asked an unnecessary question.

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