When could publish anti_cheat model?

it hurts me when i saw they play a cheated build but i played hard.

I understand, but there’s really nothing that the company can realistically do to stop them. There’s technical reasons why, but that’s the bottom line.

If people want to take the fun out by cheating, that’s their problem.

While I sympathize with you, it is very certainly not going to happen with this game. You either have to decide that you can have fun playing single player, or find a group of people who agree with you on what is acceptable and what is not. I was a member of such a group during the Diablo 2 days, where cheating was rampant despite the company paying lip service to trying to stop it. Blizzard also had resources Crate will never have.

Many flame wars have erupted here over the issue. My advice is for you to make peace with the fact that Grim Dawn is not going to be a cheat-free multiplayer experience, and make your decisions based on that.

There’s a way to fix this: add a flag that checks for legit items and characters. Any character not meeting said flag ends up being unable to join game. Simple. And the information can be run from the person hosting the game, so that the calculations are done off his computer and not off the client’s computer–this way you can’t cheat to have infinite health or infinite whatever.

and useless, I can hex-edit a char to level 85 in all legendary gear, that will meet the check but definitely not be a legit char.

You tell them Mamba!!

Just grab a few legit friends on steam and team up like co-op.

Even if they can still cheat (make legit trainer character with whatever items) it might be worth it to have such a ‘flag’. Fortunately there is no economy of items so there is no ‘dollars/money’ motive to cheat.

As it’s been said before, if they can cheat to that extent they can easily remove the flag as well. It’s a single player game, without online servers this convo is moot.