When creating more than one farm, or expanding an already established farm, farmers idle or mismanage time


Loving the game so far, but I went to create a second farm to increase food supply, and all my farmers began alternating their time between the two, missing growing seasons entirely. So I deleted the secondary farm, and things went back to normal. Tried to expand existing farm, and my farmers began displaying “idle-unable to work” and began missing entire growing seasons or field work as well.

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Do you have enough farmers for both fields? If you reduced their number then they will struggle to get everything done on time. Farmers will move between all your fields so this is not a bug.

When you expanded the field were there trees, stones, etc, that your labourers needed to clear in the new area? If so then I think that would make the whole field unusable until your farmers have done their preparation work on the expanded part after the labourers have done their bit.



I’ve since started a new playthrough, but am having issues again with farming. I have a 12x12 field, and for the first couple seasons it worked great. But now my farmers are “Idling…unable to work.” For almost a full season. It’s really aggravating, especially when I’m trying to balance food production/other crops. IS there any reason farmers would just be idling? I’m thinking it has to be a bug.

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