When Green is better than Purple


Ok it’s not totally true… All seems to be in the resistance aspect.

But I try to change my “Wind Devil Character”, and the green item Yeti Horn remains for me better than any purple off-hand.

-2 Second Skill Recharge to Wind Devil

1 Summon Limit to Wind Devil

Those two attributes are very powerful… ^^

It seems on the broad scale to me that the items wether they be green, blue or purple at end game come down to user choice and not that higher colour is better.

It’s all about your build, and by green you’are talking about MI’s. There’s a lot of builds which using 1-2 pieces of MI’s and beat end-game content. If your priority is Wind Devil and yes that is the best Off-hand for you. You want improvement? You can only get a better rolled one maybe a double-rare from those monsters again or just change your build a bit. I don’t know your build but you can check from here Wind Devil Skill Modifiers

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks, I am analysing all this, it’s user choice, you’re right.

I thought, naively, purple was better and more recommended tant blue, blue than green, green than yellow etc… But the color of the item, at a point, becomes relative…