When people say they can do a certain SR

Do they usually mean they can complete it within the bonus time, or no deaths, or just… regardless of time or deaths they DID complete it? Just curious…

for high sr, i usually assume it includes X amount of deaths, considering how little it takes to potentially gib you - heck before bossroom fix i assumed it meant camera exploit and boss fishing if nothing else was mentioned :sweat_smile:
for regular SR ie farm range, i assume it means within timer unless otherwise noted

FYI in SR80+ one death basically means the timer is zero.

For high SR, like above SR95+, you can automatically assume “completed by any means necessary”.
For 75-90 range it really depends on the person who says that, but usually it’s better to assume it will be with deaths and timer ran out unless stated otherwise.


Alright, makes sense.

I just now attempted an 80 for the first time and did it with one death… was just being impatient, but I suppose it just depends on the build, but going from 75 to 80 really feels like a big jump.

Edit Definitely my favorite character. After playing with the damage absorption of Stoneform and realizing how strong it is… I’m having a hard time thinking of other builds without it, lol. I suppose I didn’t previously realize just how strong damage absorption is.

Basically people can set their own standards,

In my opinion it is more important that a character can kill all the nemesis bosses than if the timer runs out.

A lucky bossroom with only benn jahr and valdaran doesn’t really count in my opinion, but nobody can stop you from making the screenshot and claim full SRx compatibility.


I honestly haven’t done a lot of end game stuff still. Secret bosses and all that and I don’t even know how to do them, lol. Probably what I will look into next. Just been enjoying trying some different builds and seeing what I like since I really haven’t played very long.

Beating 75/76 usually means build is consistent doing it and can farm it.

For higher SR since there’s no loot it becomes showcase of build/players abilities and doing lets say SR 90+ is basically doing one successful run irregardless of death counts.

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I tend to call out if it’s 0-1 death potential in 75, and then what my reasonable max is without hating life by dying every minute. If it’s not stable at 75 (timer consistently left so at most one death to freak packs of doom) then I don’t bother posting the build usually

What is considered a bad, mediocre, good or an excellent build - when it comes to SR level goalpost for those of us that only play hardcore?

There aren’t that many HC players out there, so there isn’t any established standard. Pretty much all players have their own standards.

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