When the hell do we fix the fps drop?

I spent more than 20 minutes dealing with the lord. It’s not just because I use visual extension mode. I just can’t play the game because of the ridiculous fps drop. The game was shut down by the time I wondered why I should pay and suffer.

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if you own a 5k/6k $$$$ pc you should have no fps drop. But us with 3700x ryzen and mid range videocards like 2060rtx are having problems. So maybe they will optimize the game for us too, not only very expensive setups. I ve seen youtubers with absolutly no FPS drop. But they have really high end pcs with ultra expensive components. Like 24 cores vs 8 cores … etc etc

The game graphics are much prettier and more detailed than I thought when zoomed in. However, there is no reason to have this much fps drop. Never.
So sad…

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Well… optimization. CPU usage. Core usage. Threads…

Game is running well on my machine - three years old (but was top spec then). And the performance has improved through the updates - they are making a difference on this.

Patience. Alot of people are having issues with it so I feel pretty certain, knowing Crate, that trying to ease it would be among the things along with all the other numerous bugs, at the top of the list.

They’ve already done a handful of small hotfix patches for numerous things so it’s likely that now they are focusing on putting together a more substantial patch to fix things that require a lot more work to resolve.

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Patience young padawan. Of course

The only time I get frame drop/lag is during autosave or events.
If a window has to pop up, I get some frame drops. Example raiders asking for money.
Besides that, people with much nicer PCs than mine are having trouble, while I’m not at all.

I5 9th Gen 10xxx

Also a laptop, on top of that.

Using the zoom mod exacerbates this problem and adds in other instabilities, currently.