When to stop putting points in Physique?

I’m level 60 with my 2H Blade Arc Battlemage that focuses on Physical, Bleed and Internal Trauma damage.

So far I’ve pumped 55 points into Physique and my Physique is over 1000 and as far as I know the max physique needed for armour & weapons is the high 900’s.

I was just reading the game guide and saw this

Every point of Cunning increases your physical damage by 0.35%, pierce damage by 0.33%, bleed and internal trauma damage by 0.36% and Offensive Ability by 0.4

Since I’m focusing on Bleed/Internal Trauma damage should I just put the rest of my points into cunning to boost the damage of two of my main damage types?

First, you put points into various stats to be able to wear all gear you need (including all possible upgrades).
Then, you put all remaining points into physique.

It’s very simple! Putting pints into DPS stats instead makes you character a bit worse in Ultimate difficulty. However, not putting enough points to wear gear you need makes him MUCH worse!

I get this, however I’m still conflicted, I don’t need any more points in Phys for gear but I’m purely looking to spend my last 30ish points to get the most out of my character.

From the way I see it I can increase my Bleed damage by around 85% and Internal Trauma by 81% by putting my last 30 points into Cunning. Is this better than and extra 12 health regen and 96 DA?

My Battlemage is SUPER tanky, I already have a ton of health regen and DA from Devotions & gear so possibly it would be better to get a increase in my DPS?

Actually, the “dump all your extra points in physique” is optional. It’s just the more reliable advice for beginners.

The simple fact is that you should only aim for as much physique as you are comfortable with. Figuring that out usually means farming and completing ultimate at least once. With builds like yours, people usually aim for that magic number that allows them to wear all heavy armors without +physique mods.
There are other factors to consider though. For example, Soldier innately gets extra for sinking points in physique because of Military Conditioning.

Note that the stats you get from stat points actually offer meager returns when compared to the stats you get from items. If you really want extra cunning or +%bleeding/trauma, you might be better off finding items that directly boost these damage types or give you massive cunning.
This in mind, I would suggest just saving any extra points you have so you can dump then wherever you think you need them once you hit ultimate.

This seems like good advice, thank you. I hadn’t considered the % physique increase from Military Conditioning and I knew I was missing other things which is why I made the post. I will probably do as you say and hold onto my points until ultimate :slight_smile: