When to switch to ultimate?

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I’m working towards a spam forcewave warlord following @The_Coyote 's guide, and was wondering when should i switch to ultimate.
Main reason im asking this is coz i just finished act 6 and don’t really wanna play act 7 right now as i don’t have any urgent items i need for my build from that act, also i wanna switch to ultimate for the increased xp gain and reputation (I already have all factions on honored with a few on revered along with all devotion points).

Also will this character survive ultimate in the first place atleast until the end of act 4.

Sorry if this topic doesnt fit here

I normally stay rather long in Elite and at least finish the main quests of each act (roguelikes not necessarily), because quests still bring some kind of resonable xp (and faction reputation) - while moving rather quick over the map (one exception was Ugdenbog - to farm stuff later needed for the final components).

That said, if you have the necessary resistances for Ultimate (and currently you only have a minor vitality res hole) - you can shift the moment you prefer. Some stuff has to be done than in Ultimate (e.g. getting some reputations up to the max level for the faction gear), but this alone is not necessarily a reason to stay longer in Elite than wanted.

And as you likely will get new gear on your way to act 4 - the question if the build is good enough can only be asked than. Your build should however be strong enough to start Ultimate.

Also don’t forget that some quests will give you attribute/skill points so they’re worth doing on Elite if nothing else.

Hey thanks for answering, what you said makes a lot of sense. I might stay in elite for a bit and see if something intrigues me and then probably move on to ultimate.
About resistances how much does a 10% difference matter in ultimate also i have 0 stun resistance, so should i look for gear to improve it or leave that for later(in ultimate).

ah yeah like the hidden path quests right? thanks ill look for those before leaving.

As your resistance are expected to be at 80% (so you get 20% of the damage), having a value of 70% means 30% of damage hits you - or in other words: 50% more than expected by the game. Can be survived, but also makes areas with the specific damage a bit more risky. But as your currently don’t use augments, it should be easily fixable. And keep in mind, that some enemies even reduce your resistances, so even a value of 80% is at the end of Ultimate not always enough (resistance overcaps are not wased, e.g. having 100% - 110%, the overcaps than helps if your resistances are reduced.)

Stun resistance at 0 can surely lead to 1 or 2 deaths, but you should be able to do most (if not all) stuff up to act 4 even with such a low value - if you play a bit careful.

Makes sense. Thanks a lot for the help

Yes, you can check them here

I usually complete full content in Veteran to unlock all factions (and get some levelling MI’s if you need them), especially AoM ones, as killing normal Beats and Chtonians would skyrocket their reputation too.
Then i skip Elite completely (or just rush through if is it’s my first character) and go to Ultimate to complete full content again.
In ultimate, resistance caps are MANDATORY (even bleed), and it’s hard to get those without faction augments, so unlocking factions on normal brings you enough rep tp get to the revered at level 70.
If you have enough good levelling gear to reach resistance caps even without augments, you can just quickly grind levels and constellation points in Crucible with Malmouth double exp potion and then proceed to ultimate at ~50 level.
As for skill/attribute points quests - you can just use a merit stone to get those, if you already have another reached Ultimate.