When was this added for smiths? - SOLVED -

Hello fellow citizens of Cairn,

I was playing today and I was looking through my blueprints and I saw that the Forgotten Gods smith could exchange rare mats, including Celestial lotus and even more bizarrely, the Heart of Darkness, usually only crafted at one smith.

I checked the smith at Devils crossing and Homestead. same story. I searched around the forums and found this thread Сraftsmen of Cairn and this seems to indicate that only specific smiths can craft these items.

Ignus - bewitched smith

Devils crossing and homestead smiths

Heart of Darkness (was at all 3 smiths)

I might well be blind, but this seems new to me.
(sorry if formatting is terrible, first post and all)

EDIT: i have no mods installed.

Well you definitely did something funky cause those blueprints aren’t legitimately available.


Did you gave yourself all blueprints with GD stash?

spooky. ill try resetting my game and get back to you.

ah, perhaps that might explain it. rip. spose there is no way to revert that. sorry for wasting your time folks.

ok. blueprints have been restored to a previous backup save.

edit. blueprints have been restored to a previous backup.