When you die in a dungeon...

Can you please have the dungeon reset without exiting?

No. Rogue dungeons are you survive or you die and that’s it for that gaming sesssion. Working as intended as Zantai would say. Bounties work in the same way, can only run them once per play session.

Why though? What would be “working as intended” exactly?
What does opening a whole new session really add to the experience other than inconvenience?

I’m gonna assume it’s like that because you need to reset the dungeon by starting a new session. If you could enter back into dungeon after dying, i’m gonna assume the enemies you killed would still be dead.

Because rogue like dungeons are meant to be hard. Just saying oh well, I died let me back in just makes them the same as any other dungeon you enter. So you get penalised if you do die. No going back to get your lost XP back/loot you missed out on and you need another skeleton key to get in. Just be glad GD’s don’t result in the permanant death of your character as many other rogue like dungeons do.

Nobody as far as I can tell spoke of removing essential difficulty.
I did however speak of reducing non-essential inconvenience.
Losing all progress within a dungeon is an obvious and essential penalty for dying, sure.
Having to start a new session to go at it again, however, is not and IMO would best be replaced with refreshing the dungeon, within a session, instead (not unlike roguelikes in other Diablo-esques).

P.S. “Just be glad it’s not worse” is quite the truism in a forumsection called ‘Ideas and Feedback’.

Why? None of the other dungeons or any other areas refresh. If you want to refresh those you also have to start a new session. Why should rogues be any different? :confused:

For starters, because they require more preparation than normal dungeons.
Having to clear the road to the entrance, for example, can come to feel more like a chore than a challenge.

This has been asked for in the past, multiple times.

Apparently, it is not an easy thing to for the devs to do - otherwise, I suspect, it would have been done. IIRC, it’s mostly due to game engine limitations, or some other technical aspect. Thus, the requirement to exit the game and restart.

Fair enough.

I don’t understand what’s going on here. I thought the suggestion was for the dungeon to ‘reset’ when you die. Wouldn’t that mean that everyone respawns so you have to clear them all again? Nothing really changes with this aside from loading the game again. And a reset will probably take just as much time as restarting the game.

because they are the only ones where I have to start over after dying

Basically, do not end the session and start a new one, thereby respawning everything, but reset the dungeon only

Crucible does this. I can only assume the enemies are spawned differently which is why the mechanic doesn’t carry over…

Crucible does it, because when you restart the session, the entire game resets. It would be more difficult to have ONLY the rogue dungeon reset, while leaving the rest of the game the same. I assume.

It’s not a bad idea, though. I mean, the part that bothers me is how far you have to walk to get to them (especially SoT ffs). I’m assuming it’s on purpose though, otherwise there’d be rift gates in front of the entrance. I think they want it to be more of a challenge than “let’s grind this 14 times in 2 hours” hence the difficulty in accessing them and the requirement for a skeleton key.

SoT and PV. I am guessing this is where the OP is coming from, because man, I can sympathize with that. PV is gigantic enough, and I never, ever run it because of the slog to get there - the mobs are dense and annoying enough to keep me from running it regularly.

Ancient Grove though… My only complaint with AG is that it could be bigger. SoT too, for that matter. :smiley:

That’s a good point about the entire Crucible resetting. I think the simplest solution would be to just put rift gates close to the entrances (to make it less of a chore) rather than trying to find some convoluted way to reset only parts of the game world. I’m all for challenge myself, but artificially inflating the time it takes to access something isn’t challenge so much as tedium.

Diablo 3 did it as well, but because you went into a new procedurally generated area every time, it made it feel a bit less monotonous. With this game, even though it probably takes less a bit time to get to SoT than (for example) Malthael in D3 due to the fact that you already know exactly where it is, it ironically feels longer (at least to me) because going the same route just drives home the fact that I’m doing the same thing over and over.

they shouldn’t, but you should most definitely be able to refresh all area’s with out having to logout. This is easily one of the most annoying things in this game. There are zero reasons that make this a good feature.
Just add a button to the map that allows you to refresh all area’s, so they can be run again.

Main reason: game runs clean. I believe you rather play a lag fest with the coolest features ever then play a clean game that would require you to waste like 15 seconds to re-log in order to respawn monsters.

Some game engines don’t provide much stability with some features. Grim Dawn engine is the same (but upgraded) as the Titan Quest one. Titan Quest worked the same and I remember my friend making a respawn mod for it. The respawn mod worked simply, you talked to a guy to respawn the whole map. It worked fine, the issue was, even with a strong PC you had to wait like a minute or even more.

If you really dislike that feature, make your own mod that would do everything you like. I don’t even see a slight need of adding such feature. I don’t want to play a game where dying results in only a number change. Grim Dawn already has like non-existent punishment for dying (except for Crucible and Roguelike dungeons).
At this point, if they added a no-relog respawn, they should also remove death from the game. It would be totally useless as you only lose a bit of exp by dying and you still get like 70% back after picking up the grave. Other than that you just fill up a variable by 1 every time you die. So what would be the point of that game anymore? Collecting items to just see nice particle effects on your screen and be immortal? They add respawn, people will cry that when they lose all of their HP (because dying no longer would exist) they’re moved to the last visited location (town/village) and that this is a shit feature and should be removed.

If you really dislike the re-log respawn feature, either make your own mod, stop dying or playing the game at all. I recommend either not to die or making your own mod because I am sure you really like this game anyway.