When you realise Ultimate Mogdrogen has 285% Lightning Resistance

So basically, all the resist shred possible still wouldn’t be enough.

Guess not, it is an absurd amount

Not sure how you got 285%.

Why, what’s the actual amount?

Been looking at some Mog threads for info when i stumbled upon this.

I assumed he’d be right cause as not only is he an experienced player but also a good modder and because he has pretty good knowledge of the game.

Ceno has a 35.53522% chance of misinterpreting datamined info. That value is wrong…maybe it’s a really old thread?

Is it safe to assume that you’ve never actually fought him with a lightning build before? I mean lightning savagery characters are commonly used to kill Mog…

It might have been back then. I just checked, he has 85% lightning resist himself, and has a passive skill that gives up to 60% lightning resist, for a max total of 145% lightning resist. I don’t think there’s anything else that acts on his resist by default, but I could have missed something.

Not old enough (March 2016); another one of my misinterpretations. :wink:

@Chthon: At 85 he should have in the vicinity of 120-130 Lightning Resist.

The funny part is that the fastest Mogdrogen killing time i’ve seen so far is from the Lightning Pet Conjurer build. Which was probably nerfed because of this.

>one build
>against one particular mob
>this is casus belli to swing the nerfstick around, instituting nerfs that probably affected other builds as well

This particular mob is the strongest thing in the game. If it can kill him in around 3 minutes (i think it was) with the damage type he has the highest resist to, what do you think it can do to other enemies?

Sometimes items get nerfed because the combinations of those items can lead to an extreme powerful combination.

All enemies receive 18% resist to everything (unsure about Physical) in Ultimate.

Nine i killed him on Veteran and Elite by dousing him in Poison and by chugging royal jellies and other pots. Needed some values on him at Ultimate which is why i was browsing the forums when i stumbled upon that post

85 is our level or his? Cause for a level 85 character i think he’d spawn in the 90s

And you said you misinterpreted it, so does there exist some point/value when his lightning resistances goes up to 285%?

Pretty much what Norzan said, even with special preparation it’s hard to kill that guy on Elite and Ultimate. It’s a cakewalk on veteran though. So if a build kills Ultimate Mogdrogen in virtually little to no time then that build needs a nerf.

How would a WPS BM fair against him? The only one i found was Drizzto’s tag team kill

Our level, and no. He should top out around 160% if levelcap ever maxes out his scaling.

Thank you /10char

With Malediction relic:p Chineese community did it but some patches ago

Mog is lvl 96 on elite / ulti mode if you are lvl 85 also the highest lvl mob in the game

Grim Dawn has a lot of unbalances: resistances, attack, defense, yeah they are lvl 90 to 92. But it seems they are doing more damage then what they are supposed to, have more resistance then they are supposed to, especially the heroes the ones with the stars and the ones with the purple name.