Where can I find these items?

I would love to find blueprint relic rampage and Vitriolic Gallstone so I can create the relic savage. Where would be a good place to farm (normal - veteran) for the blueprint and component?

Any area where you find Heroes with regularity but there’s no guarantee you’ll get what you want. Try, Arkovian Under City and the wasp nests near it, the Corrupted Fields where the Quest Nest is, Mountain deeps, Trespassers route and SoT. But the whole show is random, so random that this evening a standard zombie in act 1 area dropped a mythical legendary at my feet. You could also try to farm the act bosses.

I find it’s easier to craft Vitriolic Gallstones than try and farm for them.

And where can I get this blueprint to craft them? Is it buyable anywhere?

I think, you can buy it from secret vendor in Blood Grove, occasionaly. Or get it from drop, too.

Run crucible a few times and you’ll get all the low-level plans. You can also buy lower level plans from the vendor in blood grove and SOT.

fyi, a great way to get all of the lower level plans (up to lvl 70) is to focus on getting nemesis with cronley’s ASAP, then farm the crap out of Fabius. It’s easy to ahieve nemesis with him, and it’s easy to make a build that can handle him, especially on Elite. I think I took 100-150 runs back in 1.31 to get most of the plans, then I was able to really branch out a bunch with all the loot/crafting options that I got from farming him.

Sadly Cronley’s Gang is my lowest rep along with Kymon’s Chosen. I don’t think I can even farm rep with them anymore. I’m level 63 and haven’t entered Elite yet.

My method is simply to play new characters until items drop. Don’t focus on specific drops. Just play with what you have. When those items drop, I use them and not before.

The only items you can really farm are MI’s which are listed as such in the grimtools database: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/mi

Yeah this is what people told me until I farmed for specific items and found what I was looking for. Grinded for Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh when people told me to just play since the chances of you farming for it are really low. I found it within a day of actually getting to level 40 and farming it.

“Farming” items which randomly drop anywhere, is just a matter of playing within the level range, and maybe killing mobs which drop good items more often (heroes and bosses). There is no such thing as farming for an item. You are merely farming for items, and hopefully one of those random items is the one you want.

The same applies to anything not listed as an MI. If it’s not an MI, all you can do is farm for items in general. Not for specifics.

That is all that happened with those other items. You farm for items, and got lucky. That’s all you can do with this.

No one told me you can just flat out craft Vitriolic Gallstones without needing a blueprint lol.

I found Blueprint Relic Rampage within 30 treasure troves in Mountain Deeps. GG now I can make Savage relic.