where can we buy the expan?

and how much will it be? so far steam isnt showing the expansion… or will those of us who preordered the game during beta/alpha will get it automaticly?just curious

on the release date 11th of october

price: $17,99 or 17,99€ i guess

when you have bought a version during kickstarter in which it tells you get the expansion with it you will receive a free key.

if you have bought the loyalist edition from their website you will also get it for free

It should be $17.99 or whatever regional pricing they set for your region, and it should be available for purchase at release date, that is, 11th October, 2017.

cant remember if i bought it on steam (probably) during the early access period
or on their web site

The only place you can get the Loyalist with the expac is from the website (except during Kickstarter which it seems like you didn’t participate in).

Steam does not, nor ever has, offer anything that provides the expac, at least not until the actual expac has released. If you spent 65-85$ for GD, then you have the Loyalist. Anything cheaper, then you do not, unless you got it on sale the one time it was on sale for like half off.