Where do i farm gear?

Been leveling mostly in my experience with GD. I did farm dark ones set for my vit ritualist. But now i am ie. looking for the warborn set.
Do i have to run SR hundreds of times or how and where do i go about it?

Well, warborn set is a random dropped set, meaning you can’t specifically farm for it. So Crucible/SR is the way to go to farm.

That being said warborn set can be crafted (to be percise helmet can be crafted and transmuted using the new FG transmuter) or you can try your luck transmuting other set pieces to warborn.

Im afraid those are the only things I can think of right now.

EDIT: to craft the helmet, your need to have dropped the blueprint which is a random drop too :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to the guides/tutorial section. There is plenty of information on farming there

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Farm Crucible Gladiator 100-110 and 90-100. You got tribute reset and 4-5 legendaries in a couple minutes. Also, blueprints drop like flies there. There are two routes to go from there:

  1. Keep farming. Get that helmet blueprint and transmute (this sadly takes a lot of mat farming which is the real pain of GD. Gear farming is actually exciting. You got sth every time. Mats - especially Battered Shells that are needed for everything - is a nightmare. They should fix Battered Shells BTW). Or hope for completing the set without craft-transmuting.

  2. Keep farming and get a solid inventory. Start trading.

3. GD Stash