Where do you farm rare in this game?

I’m like 800h into this game and I still don’t know where to get rares that is used in build like this:


Also, everyone is using Thunderstruck Greaves of King or something like that. Where can I farm that?


You can random craft every day and pray for luck, and ofc you can drop it with ultra low chance.
PS Sometimes you will see builds by cheaters, so no wonder why they use many rare items.

Boots are craftable, may take a few thousand scraps if you’re lucky.
For pants it depends, you should farm for witch gods pants in main campaign, for others like Kuba or Aleksander’s then Crucible is more efficient.

At the first place do you seriously think those items are obtained in legit ways?

See, you have already 800h into this game, so you can judge by your own experience.

All those MI can be farmed in crucible, hoping for lucky drop. Just dont hopw for double-rare mod, a single rare and single magis is the best you can hope to get, and even then, it requires a lot of farming and good luck. Iems shown in that link, are realistically obtainable. I got Blighted Viloth’s Ring of Attack from Crucible recently for example, i bet it’s near-BiS for most acid builds… A shame i dont play any of those.

Getting 2 desired ultra-rare affixes (like Thunderstruck and of Kings) is highly improbable, even on non-MI base. You just want too much. Something like "resistant Greaves of Kings or Thunderstruck Greaves of Vitality can be crafted relatively easily, or dropped in Crucible too (i already got 2-3 of those).