Where does ugdenbog MI daggers drop from?

anyone can help? thx


You mean this? Janaxia the Betrayer drops all three. I go the fire and lightning version from her.

ya that one, where does she spawn? havent’ really explored new zone

Larria drops them too, but you have to be ally with Barowholm to kill her. Her den is just top North near Udenbog riftgate.

from the coven of ugdenbog rift, go into ugdenbog and go into the first tree cave house thingy :stuck_out_tongue:

she is in the end of it

larria wont aggro me, im honored with barrowholme but haven’t done much there, do i need to do something else?

As soon you leave the Coven base to Ugdenbog, keep going south east until you reach an entrance. Janaxia is inside.

The boss of Barrowholm gives you the quest to kill her. When you talk to her, there are two options on dialogue: release or attack. May be you did release her, so you cant kill her anymore.

Doesn’t the Coven themselves sell such items?