where is all the good loot?

Hi :slight_smile:

are you removed the good Items? From Lvl 65 to 71 not only 1 Lila Item :frowning:

left side the whole way to Homestad. was in every dungeon and killed everything, but no good loot.

2 times the torment dungeon result was 1 blue 8 green and millions of yellow crap. Killed thousands of Monsters, xx Bosses, xx big boxes x dynamite boxes and and and for some blue crap items?

My :(playtime is around 700hours, but i never got such crap for that amount of farming :frowning:

are you changed the drop rate?

They increased the drop rate on monsters actually. You just got unlucky.

However, there are a number of one-shot chests until Homestead, so unless you haven’t open them or this isn’t your first playthrough in this difficulty, it is virtually impossible not to get legendaries, so I am quite surprised here.

I was assuming you were playing in Ultimate at this level, if that is not the case, then it is more probable that you didn’t get any.

Make sure to check the one-shot chest locations, and keep farming, luck will come around eventually.

Hi Guichenocrate

Still in Elite :wink:

Yes, i like it to explore all and i don´t like it to hurry and rush only from portal to portal. So, hopefully my luck come back soon :wink:

so you got your answer, the good loot waits in Ultimate;) Elite is totally unpredictable, sometimes legendaries drops like candies sometimes you wonder if they aren’t removed from the game :smiley:

Heya, Blubber!

All the good loot are in my stash. I’m sorry, seems like I emptied the game! :smiley:

Seriously, though — have you been a bad boy recently? RNG won’t drop anything to misbehaving kids!
I behaved all year, and now got a few purples in my last Steps run! :wink:

[SPOILER]Alright, alright, I’m sorry for messing with you, hopefully it wasn’t too out of place, heh. Peace! :slight_smile:

RNG being RNG, and sometimes I get long runs without any rare+ tier loot, but in the end something will still drop. Sooner, or later. Legendary is better than Elite for purples, and Crucible is better still, even Aspirant if you can afford to clear it somewhat quickly.

It gets worse when you trying to get specific legendary set complete. I have 2/4 of Warborn set, for example, and after 2 days of grinding I ended up starting a new pair of chars to look for last parts naturally %-)[/spoiler]

there is no guarantee for legendary, only for unique, so he could find some epics /empowered epics, also he only talking about the area west of Homestead (Rotting Croplands) plus 2 SoT runs, not acts 1, 2 and part of 3 up to Homestead…

I was assuming you were playing in Ultimate at this level, if that is not the case, then it is more probable that you didn’t get any.

Level 65 - 71, Homestead, sounds like Elite to me…

I usually come to the Fort Icon just in the area of 70-72 level’s on elite, so I think yes, it’s elite.

in your bag Malfet? so no wonder :stuck_out_tongue:

so the best Items drop only in Ultimate? so no wonder that most of the player i grouped with rushing from rift to rift to get soon 85 woohoo :frowning: boring btw :wink:

Yes i know,i am often out of the mainstream with my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully we don’t get with the next Add on, an hero and true hero mode… :rolleyes:

GD is more as a simple Grinding game. :cool:

I dont nee the best Items for my peace of freedom but from time to time it´s just nice :wink: btw found one in 73 :wink:

P.S. misbehaving i like to be naughty :stuck_out_tongue: normal is so boring.
If that means, no more purple for me, i can live with it :wink:

Well, not quite, they drop more often on Ultimate, but can also be found in Elite, if people decide to grind Elite before going Ult for some reason (going HC being most common one, I think).

Nice joke bro, nice joke.

In i got 1-4 legs in elite on SoT run
Now… now you need 3-4 runs at least to get 1. And this is not funny.

RNG and selective memory I guess… the drop rate was increased with

Not selective memory at all. I just made those runs about 40 times in a row in1.0.0.5 and always got at least 1 leg. Maybe was 1-2 run without legs.
But it was at sc, so maybe that’s the point xD

then you were simply lucky, uniques sure, but legendary, that is definitely not an average of more than 1 per run from my experience.

Also 1-4 sounds higher than ‘at least 1’ does. If you get 3 or 4 so frequently that they are included in the range, then you were damn lucky :wink: