Where to farm for Empowered Guardman´s Spoulders?

Anyone remembers where they can drop? Any advise? Thank you in advance.

You can’t farm for things in general in this game. You can roughly aim for a type of weapon usually, via trying to farm people who use that weapon type, but other then that you can’t farm stuff that easily.

As far as I know, there is currently no way to farm for specific items besides Monster Infrequent (green) gear.

Best chance is to do Bastion and hope for the best. I heard that place is a good farming spot for Epics. Goodluck!

Doing swarming hive (can’t remember which hive that actually is) and heroes around it in twin falls is another amazing location for epics! It is much faster than BoC and does not require keys. BoC will probably get you more Legendries though, at least I would guess…

i have found several, all on elite. just keep killing loads of stuff you’ll get em, elite is plenty high enough level to farm them.