Where to farm this items?

hi i just want to know where can i find those green items with insane prefix etc… like “Stonehide stoneplate greaves of kings” “stonehide kubacabra’s chauss of kings” ?

In GD stash of course. :wink:

Stoneplate boots can be crafted though at least. I crafted 1000 pair of boots and look my double rolled greens, some good ones but no Stonehide of Kings. So it’s complete luck. But of course you can always find something useful like Stonehide of Readiness.

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so what ur saying is u keep crafting boots intel u get one like stonehide etc… ?

Well I personally when played legit, crafted boots and keep them in a mule. When I need to cover specific stats/resistances I just use whatever is fitting. But having something like Stonehide of Readiness/Protection/Vitality is almost as good as Kings. And mind that these are all yellow affixes. Even double yellow boots like Imprevious of Readiness can do fantastic job!

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well im asking where to find them :’( is there a spot or luck in crafting or wht ?

It’s all down to RNG. Getting 2 rare affixes on a crafted item or MI is extremely rare. Getting the perfect ones is even rarer. Expect to spend days, weeks or perhaps even months trying to get some of those legit. Or 5 minutes if you’re incredibly lucky - RNG is like that.

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lol i dont have time for that :frowning: