Where to find Vengeful Wraiths and/or Ectoplasms

I’m trying to make haunted steel but rarely come across ectoplasms or vengeful wraiths to complete the formula.

Any ideas where are the best places and difficulty settings to find them?

Ghosts and sometimes Aetherials drop Ectoplasm, I think only Ghosts drop Wraiths. They’re pretty rare, it kinda sucks.

Before I got a ton of these in a trade, I was more happy to find partial vengeful wraiths than lvl 75 legendary set pieces… Even now I destroy better than average rolled legendaries to get arcane sparks and haunted steels back…

Legendary drop-rates are more than fine in my opinion, but vengeful wraiths are a complete chore. Even when rushing new characters I still take the time to clear almost everything in Arkovian City and SoT because of ectoplasms and vengeful wraiths… Worst part is that shrine in elite that asks for a completed vengeful wraith, makes me cry every time :undecided:

Yes, damn that shrine!

Ive just gotten into a habit of running spined cove in arkovian foothills along with the hives on new characters/ next difficulty a few times and generally have enough for my needs.

arkovian undercity level 2 is good, also steps of torment lv1-3

Awesome thanks guys

I still have no clue where you use them :confused: