Where to point my build?

Level 59 Rifle Commando (w/ Devotion): http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-yOm7pi

I’m wondering what I should focus on next. Both in terms of skills and devotion. I’m thinking either BWC or Thermite Mines, but I am not super thrilled about mines. With BWC dealing both Chaos and Fire dmg, along with the fact that I have Eldritch Fire on my Fire Strike, I was thinking it may actually do some damage.

If I went BWC, I think I’d take the Fiend constellation, but I don’t know what Flame Torrent would be useful for.

Those are a couple of my thoughts. Any suggestions?

Vindictive Flame 11/16, Oleron’s Rage, BWC+High Potency+Agonizing Flames (smth like 6-0-12), maybe a few points into Temper.

Idk about devotions, I went Light of Empyreon+Obelisk (3 bottom points)+5/6 Tree of Life. But then again, I’m 2h melee in crap gear, once I don’t need that much resistance I’ll probably change my setup to resemble yours, but with Magi up to flat fire, Rhowan’s Crown and 5/6 Revenant, probably skip Torch. Fiend is probably not the best idea on ranged character, especially if it’s 2h.

Point your build towards elite loghorrean.

And this just dropped: Flame Keeper’s Repeater

That should hold me over for awhile…once I hit 72. :slight_smile: