Wherein i complain about the mythical version of the clairvoyant armor set

My warlock has been wearing a set of clairvoyant since lvl 80 or so because the bonuses are absolutely PERFECT for the character. When I hit 94 I was pretty happy to see i could now go for the mythical version of my perfect set since I was quickly leveling out of its usefulness.
But the full set of mythical - for some nonsensical reason - adds a part whereby ALL doombolt damage is converted to aether damage, basically ruining the entire set for me. I am 100% invested in fire, vitality, and chaos damage. It’s absurd to think I’d still be figuring out a damage-scheme at level 94.
Doesn’t a huge difference like this just completely defeat the purpose of mythic/empowered versions of gear. Isn’t the problem - ostensibly solved by that system - that characters tend level out of gear that is otherwise perfect for them and get stuck with half-upgrade-half-downgrades? Isn’t the entire point of this system to solve that by giving players a leveled-up version of the same thing that was perfect for them? Making it so fundamentally different seems to completely defeat the purpose of even having empowered/mythic versions of anything. It also basically ruined my character, who now has to go find some other set and none of them are as good.
And furthermore: Wah.

But low level clairvoyant converts 50% Chaos damage to Aether damage, including Doom Bolt’s Chaos damage so how was it even possible :thinking: and has no % Fire damage bonuses. It’s a totally Vit / Aether set.

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(my other stuff gives fire and pet bonuses)
well on the lower-lvl one im seeing a combined 40% with the mantle and coat which i was willing to live with considering the massive bonuses to AAR (I was initially really thankful that ‘tainted power’ lets you convert AAR/Disintegrate to fire/chaos/vitality so it matches sigil and doom bolt). Ive never considered damage conversion to be an upgrade cause it has literally only ever ruined a build for me - its only ever been something I have to live with if the other bonuses are good. In this case though it just completely nerfs (and ruins visually) one of my core skills and I’m all weepy about it.

+3 to hellhound? aweso-- oh wait 100% of hellhound converted to purgatorygiraffe nevermind.

suppose you could say that you aren’t “supposed” to wear non myth clairvoyant anyway these days, so by doing that you spoiled yourself - endgame sets have an intent, clairvoyant’s simply isn’t chaos or fire, there are other items for that (multiple sets support chaos doom bolt actually)
“why are you not supposed to wear non myth” you might ask, well because it’s a legacy relic from base game days, and it would be considered less strong than items with modifiers, and costly to craft for something you can then just outlevel before level 94 on top
as for your current approach already, doing fire vit and chaos, that’s already in the realm of “not really intended”, as in it’s less optimal than ex doing a chaos focus or 2dmg type focus “at most” there if even that - so while the game does let you play however you wish, there is also the grand “design” in mind, and most sets ended up with some form of intention even if they support multiple dmg types still
in the end i suppose could say it doesn’t really matter that much either, since "finding new items"to support your desired dmg type approach, vs finding myth clairvoyant originally is just a swap from one to the other (unless you had full myth set ready already ofc)

Clairvoyant was always an Aether/Vitality set.

By wearing it for your chaos build, you were significantly hurting your damage with the 50% to aether conversion. Conversion isn’t supposed to ever “ruin” your build.

The Mythical version leans into its existing archetype by making the conversion complete for its supported skills.

The Black Scorch Covenant set has a focus on chaos and vitality AAR and SoC. Doesn’t help you right now but it could be something to work towards so you can keep your devotions and damage focus.

Ah cool Thanks I was also looking at the Unholy Covenant set to just lean into having strong pets and being back-up. Gotta say I dont really see the appeal of putting damage conversion on gear at all. Skill transmutes like tainted power make more sense to me cause you explicitly opt-in and stear your progression by choice. Having them just show up on otherwise useful gear has only ever been a disappointment to me; given how stingy the rng is in this game, theyre something id honestly rather not have to deal with. i assume I’m a tiny minority in that, obvs.

You’re just new to the game so it’s understandable you’d like it to be simpler. But later, if you still play the game, you may want more options. Many times more options than skill transmutes could give you. Some players have made a thousand builds you know. I used the global Aether → Chaos conversion on 2p M. Clairvoyant for an Aether Sigil build for example.

looking at it wrong i suppose could say
conversion on gear lets player pick and choose for their builds, and combine them in multiple different combinations
also not everything can be solved with a transmuter like tainted power, because some skills don’t get fully converted that way, and importantly neither does unrelated effects like devotion procs
meanwhile it loses you nothing, because you can literally just find a different item that actually does the intended thing you wish, “instead of going for item A you just go for item B”, which is no different in the end for your character

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Before 2 hours of GD playtime: I don’t ned’ zdis…

After 1000 hours: I AM LOVE WITH A COCO (conversions). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: