Which class for me? I'm lost.

Hi there,

coming back to Grim Dawn after playing beta for a while, I’m totally lost on which class to play. I’m starting fresh from the ground, having deleted my old level 30-40 chars. I remember having problems getting into the game last time, and now I just want to start a char that I really like to play and stick to that one instead of trying 37 different classes/builds until I find something satisfying.

What I don’t like:

  • Melee combat!
  • Slow killspeed, especially the lack of AoE options.
  • Clunky and complicated mechanics like having to cast 8 different spells on each mob or recasting some buffs/debuffs every 10 seconds.
  • Squishiness to some degree. While I generally like to trade survivability for damage, I’m admittably no good player having poor reflexes and so on, so a pure glass cannon isn’t my cup of tea.
  • Have I mentioned melee combat?

What I like:

  • Ranged combat, especially casting, generally mage-like classes.
  • AoE heavy builds.
  • Relaxing playstyle.
  • No need for certain super rare top gear.
  • A build that works with only little tweaks from level 2 until max level veteran at least.

Apart from countless chars level 1-10, I have already played Druid, which wasn’t too bad but too much melee especially in the early leveling phase and which seems to have been nerfed a lot from what I’ve read (correct me on that), and Conjurer with a pet heavy (pokémon) build, which was quite boring and gave me the feeling of having little control over what’s happening (although I wouldn’t mind having pets involved again, generally speaking).

Oh, and one last thing: I very rarely run multiplayer games, so it’s all about solo play.

I’d greatly appreciate any advice from you, so I can start enjoying Grim Dawn again. Thanks in advance!

Dreegs, Ranged Firestrike, or Summoner would be good places to start looking imo.

A dislike of “complicated” mechanics really restricts many of the best caster-based type characters.

Vitality caster Conjurer, the absolute best of the starting builds

PRM/OFF/Trozan/Devastation combinations Arcanist + any other second class of preference

Ranged Pyromancer might interest you.

Fire strike ranged and max the Explosive strike asap (without neglecting your mastery) as this gives you your AoE asap, then the rest of the line.

From the occultist you get Solael’s witchfire for added damage and added fire damage, curse of frailty to slow them down and you get the option of 2 pets as well if you want.

You have the choice of 2 pistols , pistol and shield or a rifle

The witchfire is a toggle and forget so that’s one less button to be hitting

There is Grenado and Canister Bomb. The skills are a bit down the mastery bar and should be given points to give them the needed punch, so other skills should be carefully considered. There is aways the mastery bar to invest in.

By itself, grenado is a bit slow, so find some ranged weapons and use some components on them. There could be some tense moments as weapon attacks without skills can be a bit weak in some situations. You can have a melee weapon or handgun and shield on the weapon swap with a rifle or crossbow.

Thanks for your input. I decided to try the pyromancer build, because it’s quite different from what I’ve played until now and I really like the idea of a pistol wielding caster. Hope it works for me.

Anyways, if you have any more advice, generally speaking or pyromancer-specific, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Thanks again, have fun!

By referring to your taste:

  • DEE can’t be among the best but it’s AOE really kick off for me around level 25. Other people may know better since i’m no good at min maxing and build planning.
  • Ranged dual wield firestrike is super powerful for me. with the right devotion path it can have good survivability.
  • Maybe ranged DW primal strike.

Have fun!

I don’t play HC very often, but way back when the level cap was 30 and there was only the act 1 a pistol shield demo then occultist was my first surviving char…

Maybe something like this. The final skill in FS deals good chaos damage so combined with Solael’s witchfire gives a nice boost and the attack speed from SW always helps with this.

I used vindictive flame as a good way to deal with anything that got close, or you could use pets instead or tweak however you find suits you, just remember the 2nd skill and the last skill in the Fire strike are the main AoE serious room clearers so max the first as soon as poss and enjoy :p:p

This game is very versatile you can do alot from shooting guns to swinging axes or casting spells but pets are really nice. I call it Flix/Grim hehe be able for you pets to do damage is amazing and watching each mob die.

Atm my pyromancer is level 12 and I’m having a great time. I always liked starting out with guns, and I’m happy that I’ll be sticking with these instead of switching to bloody melee weapons later. I even found a Gunslinger’s Jacket in my shared stash. Forgot I put it there some time in the past. Great. :slight_smile:

As suggested, I started out maxing Fire Strike and Explosive Strike while putting one point in Vindictive Flame and Curse of Frailty each, which helps a lot with bosses. Now I’m considering skilling Hellhound for leveling, and since respeccing isn’t expensive, I guess I’ll give that a try.


Build gets a boost at 25 when you can dual weild pistols with relic or belt, max explosive strike and get concussive bomb for crowd control then slowly build up static and fire strike. Stuff dies before it can reach you

Till then you can get by with max hellhound/max vindictive flame

Let me borrow this thread. Im thinking of buying this game. But I wonder if it has a build for me.

I like relaxed/passive playstyle. Hate kite mobs. Is there builds I can “drop some sentries/totems that auto attckas so I can hide” or “just stand still facetank the mobs without die so easy”? I know there is a pet build thats easy playable.

That would be the vitality conjurer. Drop totems and sigils and run around while they steal life for you.

Personally I had a great run with this build:


It’s a Shaman / Arcanist that focuses around the use of storm totem and wind devil to do loads of lightning damage. Wendigo totem gives you some healing, while the Arcanist tree is used for utility (Maiven’s for survivability, Mirror for the panic button, Olexandra’s Flash Freeze for CC, Inner focus for the boost to stats). I found it very powerful and also easy to gear for - just max everything lightning and profit.

Typical fight: Place storm totem, wendigo totem, summon wind devil, run around a little (although the wendigo totem gives you enough survivability that you don’t need to kite extensively), place more storm totems/summon more wind devils, run around more, maybe use flash freeze for the CC, and that’s about it.

If you really like passive playstyle, this may be the build for you:


It’s a Summoner (Occultist/Shaman) build aka as “The Lazy Pokémon Master Build” and it’s quite popular afaik.

It’s so passive, it’s more like watching a youtube video. Your pets do everything for you. Although I like relaxed playing, this one was too much for me. It’s very strong though. You just won’t be dying.