Which class to pair with inquisitor for gunslinging fun

Hey guys- I’ve always loved gunslinging builds and so naturally the inquisitor has me pretty excited about the possibilities for this style. I’ve got two different builds I’m considering and I’d love to hear what other people think about them:


Mage Hunter

First off, yes, I know the new items will completely change these builds… but presumably they will only change for the better, so if either of these are decent now they should only get better on Wednesday!

To me the Tactician just seems better, which is a shame cause I really wanted to like the Mage Hunter better… I’m having a hard time telling which would have more actual dps and tank. Considering the Mage Hunter has sphere or protection and better resists, it is actually a lot tankier than it looks, but is still ridiculously behind in raw armor and hp.

The Mage hunter has the edge in OA and % crit damage (before procs), but lower weapon damage per hit as per page 2. I can’t really begin to guess how it will all shake out with the various procs involved.

I should mention I only play Hardcore. What do you guys think?

Nice, although, I would reskill your points a bit. Going for elemental Cadence with Conversion, I see.
After thinking about Norzan’s suggestion and seeing your dual pistols… here’s a pierce one - http://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZepK6V8

Still not sure whether I must take Soldier constellation or not. Also, resistances could use a little more polish as well.
And the component part will be revised too.

Demolitionist for fire/lightning damage synergy, obvious Fire Strike line, sick RR stacking.
Arcanist for the Elemental synergy with Beronath Strike, almost like in the build you have provided except you should definitely choose an exclusive skill with elemental RR (from Inquisitor mastery). I have evendrafted a buildfor elemental gunslinger (it was before grimtools was updated with new masteries that’s why I chose warlock), looks pretty sick on paper, never had the chance to try it tho.