Which faction do i have to choose?

Hello everybody thank you for checking my post.

I am now playing Grim Dawn and i have to choose between Kymon’s chosen and Order of Death’s vigil but i cant decide what to pick. Could you help me please?

I am playing Whichblade focused on poison and acid damage (I am focused on occulist). I am now useing a mace and book but i want to go to dagger and book.

So i would like to hear what you guys think about this because its really hard to pick.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Neither faction will offer you terribly much as a poison/acid user, so I would probably just go Kymon’s in Normal/Elite and switch to ODV in Ultimate (because FUCK dealing with Iron Maiden).

Poison/acid Witchblade using a book and dagger is an interesting idea, though. Can you post your Grimcalc (just curious about where you plan to go with the build)?

Well i kinda stole the build from an youtuber because i am terrible at building because its my first character and i am not really experienced with ARPG’s: