Which feat is most impressive for you?

If you have further feats that you also find impressive please note.

  • completing crucible quickly (5 min or less)
  • completing shattered realm 76-75 quickly (5 min or less)
  • completing deep shattered realm solo (100+)
  • completing deep shattered realm on a team (150+)

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None of the above. :stuck_out_tongue:


feel like the crucible question is sorta “loaded”, i don’t find 150-170 Crucible clears that impressive, “in general”, outside great piloting, ie stuff i’d normally die on, but Roman doesn’t
reason is simply buffs and towers, most common approach to Cruci runs/time scores is buffs and towers are used, and it can’t be understated how much they add in terms of help to the run
Meanwhile 75-76 is rough in general, and fast runs rougher still, imo

as an example, i’ve builds that can’t do cruci 130-150 deathless naked (no towers/buffs), but they can clear 150-170 with buffs and banners - and the same builds can’t clear sr 75-76 in sub 10, if even at all (which is more likely than not)

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For me taking somebody else’s build voids any achievements. That’s the most important thing when considering feats. With that in mind, clearing Crucible is the most impressive.

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