Which relic(s) make sense for a Purifier?

I have a fire damage base Purifier - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD9lpaN
From what I can see Arbiter, Conflagration, Endurance, Marauder’s Talisman, Vendentaa, Plunderer’s Talisman, Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm, Annihilation, Bane, Iskandra’s Balance or Ignaffar’s combustion are all candidates. I don’t have enough components for them all. Based on my build and other people’s experiences could anyone recommend 2 or 3 for me to craft and give them a whirl ?

I use Annihilation. I tried Bane, Ulzuins Pyro and Ignaffers, but I lose to much DPS.

In looking at your build, you have not focused your other items on Fire damage. When you can, fix this.

Bane (which is one of the best relics for Inq based builds), Ignaffar’s Combustion

Annihilation and Bane it is then. I’m still working on my first character in this game. I haven’t focused in fire damage across everything yet but will work on it as I plod along. I hate the thought of giving up things like DPS to get there but sometimes you have to take a few steps back to be able to leap forward later.
Thanks to both of you for the constructive replies.

If you want fire Purifier, I am working on beginners/budget version. You can check out the level 100 version:


As for Relic Bane is the best, but I also like Korvaak’s since Demolitionist +skill points have higher value than Inquisitor. And you get both OA and DA, as well as slow and trap.

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Thanks for the link to the build. I missed Korvaak’s the first time round so thanks for pointing it out. I seem to struggle with OA/DA so that might come in handy ! One question - did you craft the medal or have it drop somewhere ?

Medal is crafted, recipe is from Cult of Bysmiel . Other gear like Desolator, belt and relic are also with faction bought recipes. Chest, amulet and Shoulders are faction vendor bought, rings are low level crafted items.

Helm is guaranteed drop from urn in FG content area. Boots and pants are common blue items.

Bane or Korvaak, depending where you need +1 to all skills.