White (Common) loot

Probably it was discussed already (couldn’t find it tho), and so I’m curious, is there any use in those items? Can I break them down for components somehow maybe? They have pretty laughable selling price, like 3-7 bits from what I’ve seen and they are absolutely useless as gear from level 1. You get yellows pretty quickly and till lvl ~10 half of your gear might already be green, and basically you can get away even being naked up to level 15 (Veteran) or so, what’s the point? And most importantly, why they drop in so huge quantities? Like after killing any mini-boss or big mob, it’s like lootslosion of trash white/yellow items on the ground.

Yes, I know about filters and I’m actively using them, if not I would probably be running in the settlements every 5 minutes or so, but there’s another little problem:
I’m using pickup hotkey, it’s much more comfortable than clicking on laying items, but when you stand above the heap of trash, character ignores filters and picks up anything he can grab, which fills inventory with white/yellow trash. If those types of gear don’t have any use, wouldn’t it be a good idea to tune drop rate down a bit?

Yeah, it’s a minor issue, might even not be worth mentioning, but curious about others’ input on it here…

It has been discussed many times.

  1. Once you’ve moved past whites, don’t even look at them. Leave them be.

  2. Change your Loot Filter to filter them out.

  3. The reason they are there is because each of those items has a chance to be a yellow, green, or blue item. The more you have, the more chances you get of getting those other items.

  4. Use the Loot Filter, don’t pick up white items = spend more time killing mobs and getting loot.

Edit: I don’t use a pickup hot key.

What ibugsy said.

While I personally hope that commons and magics will be somewhat useful someday, as they are in D2 and PoE, I don’t believe it would fit into the current nature of the game as way too many items drop to make sorting through them user-friendly.

I see. Still, clicking on long list of items is kinda tedious, when you mash pickup hotkey, char sucks them up like a vacuum cleaner, if that filter issue wouldn’t mess with it, I probably wouldn’t even bring it up.

There could be some ideas to make those items useful I guess, like transmuting into something, breaking down to have a chance of component like some RNG mini-game and etc. For now feels like a waste…

As much as I like GD’s general gameplay there are still two things I find quite a bit annoying about loot:

  1. The game should be more serious about its “better loot on higher difficulties” philosophy. Honestly, being level 85 and killing some enemy hero on Ultimate, just to be spammed with a dozen of whites, a dozen of yellows, one green and nothing else is just pathetic. We all know and the devs know that whites are useless after the first few hours into the game, so the game should completely stop dropping them as soon as you enter Elite. If you absolutely want them (for whatever reason) you can go back to Normal/Veteran difficulty anytime. Going from Elite to Ultimate should show a similar increase in loot quality: noticeably fewer items of noticeably better quality. Dropping tons of crap (even on Ultimate) and telling people to just use the loot filter to hide the misery is surely not what people are expecting from “better loot on higher difficulties”.

  2. There shouldn’t be any enemies in the game that are hard (or are taking a comparatively long time) to beat, but are dropping absolutely nothing. Worst design flaw ever, in any ARPG. Honestly, it’s totally beyond me how anyone can think that this is a good idea. It’s not. It’s demotivating players and it’s giving them the feeling to just waste their time.

Actually there’s a third one:

  1. Stop hiding learned blueprints. Some people want them for collecting, selling or giving them to other players, so it shouldn’t be such a hassle to pick them up. (Also, I’m tired of being just laughed at when telling people that some nemesis bosses do indeed have a 100% blueprint drop chance, but that these are invisible most of the time :wink: ) Just add some “Hide learned blueprints” checkbox to the loot filter and you’re done.

When dropped from chests or boss loot orbs whites are completely useless. But when equipped by enemies, they actually make a difference.

Because of the “what you see is what you get” mechanic, when a monster has a white equipped, it becomes stronger than average monsters. For example,
Murderer’s Armor. Not all Cronley’s gang murderers have the white or better version equipped. The ones that have, have +20 DA and 8% chance to avoid projectiles.

In Titan Quest, monsters could drop an even inferior version than whites, the broken items. I don’t know if those exist hidden on Grim Dawn, but at least we can’t pick them up.