Who is Gogo the Chaotic Mellon ?

[SPOILER]I found a tombstone next to a devotion menhir at tyrant hold (epic difficulty if it matter).
A strange text appear when highlighted by cursor “in memory of gogo the chaotic mellon, lost in the service of Cairn”.


Is that an easter egg of some sort or did i miss something more important ?

Optional question : is the new dlc far more easier in multi than in solo ?

Hmm that’s odd i never noticed that. I have no idea about what reference it it, perhaps from a kickstarter pledge?

Could’ve been a late backer.

IIRC, one of the Black Legion footman is alate player as well

That’s an interesting find, Zantara. Thanks for sharing that. I love stuff like that. I’m going to have to take a closer look at those gravestones in the game.

I just found it also!

Could also be in the same vein as Robert, Rockford, and Ryan.

It is akin to Praetorian Zedlee.

Here is link that explains the Zedlee reference: