Who needs introduction

Baah, what a silly first post. Think I never introduced myself before. But since my wife is already sleeping (tz, hardly 10 pm here), I just quit playing TQ (only for today) and I’m totally bored at the moment, why not introduce myself to everyone. So, I’m from the northern part of Germany, (nick-)name is quite obvious and I’ve been playing ARPG since the release of Diablo 1 (the good ol’ days). Been quite addicted to Titan Quest since it’s release and a more or less (porbably more) active member of one of the 2 big TQ-communities in Germany (my second home being this little forum). My English is a bit “rusty” so never mind if my postings look kind of odd (just referring to stuff like grammar and so - the rest is totally normal :D).
Yeah, that’s all there is to say at the moment. Got any questions? Feel free to ask :wink:
Otherwise hello to everybody, looking forward to having a good time her :rolleyes:

Welcome! :slight_smile:


Welcome indeed!

Hi Perturabo, is that the German way? Introducing yourself, when you want to kill some time? :wink:

Crazy coincidence…
Let’s hope that no other German will show up doing the exactly same thing :smiley:

GREETINGS from Ohioland!


A familiar face.


Though my "welcome"s aren’t worth shit, as I’m not exactly an active member over here… :stuck_out_tongue:


Your English grammar is probably better than that of the average person in the U.S. sadly… :o

Certainly better than that of evil medierra. I tried to convince him that “Mauhaha” followed by a cascade of ellipses is not correct grammar but he threaten to pillage my family and rape my house, so I just left him to it.

I’m not that active myself Kir4 but yes, good to see some familiar faces around here.

@medierra: Not to different around here in Germany. I’ve been reading a lot since, well, since I’m able to read (:D) favouring english books for something like 10 years, mostly because their translations aren’t worth the money. I’ve always been thinking there’s a link between how much you read and how good your language skills are. So I guess it’s reading that at least helps you develop a certain level of writing and understanding. But I think I’m drifting a bit OT now (and that in my own topic :D).

As long as you’ve got lots of easily wipe clean-able furniture, you should be ok.

That’s not difficult.

I do, but cooking on those surfaces afterward just feels… wrong.

Hah, squeaky clean. We-ee We-ee.