Why am I missing skill points?

Hey so I just tried to check my build on grimtools and when I uploaded I noticed tht I am missing 18 skill points https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jxwREZ. After googling, I found that I am missing quite a few quests that give me skill points . If I do those quests I will get 10 extra skillpoints, but I will still be missing 8 in this case. Can someone tell me what am I missing here? Thanks!

From 90 to 100, you get 1 skill point per level instead of the 2 or 3 up to that point.

You’re likely missing the remaining 8 skill points from quests. You can check which ones here: https://www.grimtools.com/checklist/quests/ultimate

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What Evil_Baka said. Also check if your target build uses items that give +1 to all skills or to certain masteries. This could also be a reason why you feel you’re missing points.

Skill points go L2 to L50 give 3 points, L51 to L90 gives 2 and from L91 to L100 gives only 1.

You can also check here for the various rewards from quests.


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If you account for all remaining leveling points and uncompleted quest points and you’re still coming up short, what most likely is happening is overcapped points not showing any indication in game. Grimtools shows you red numbers for skills that have been over-allocated but the game will not give you that courtesy. Upload your profile to grimtools Build Calculator and see if any red text shows up. If so, refund points from those skills at a spirit guide.