Why are Drain Essence and Siphon Souls Red?

Shouldn’t vitality damage be light blue?
Every aura or theme in the necromancer side of this game is bluish, why did DE and SS came to be red?

Wut? Vitality is red in the game. Look at just Zantarin for proof. Spectral Binding is light blue because aether is light blue.

You are actually right. But I always thought it was a little strange to have a character wearing bluish gear and blue auras (if I am not wrong all auras from the necromancer mastery are blue or very light blue) and then he uses red skills.

Edit: Not to mention the theme collor from Order of Death’s Vigil.

Aether in-universe seems to be the damage type that is the most related with death, even more than vitality.

Edit: Forgot that Siphon Souls becomes light blue with the Sear Souls transmuter, which makes it aether based.

Do remember that untransmuted drain essence and siphon souls deal vitality damage.

vitality damage is represented by red (mixed with some black?) color.

chaos damage is red too, but its leaning more toward pink (maybe mixed with some black too?)

Necromancer theme is light blue. that means aether is more prominent in Necromancer skills and lore thatn vitality stuff. It is also mentioned in some texts that spirits binded into skeletons/corpses are composed primarily of aether energies (cmiiw).