Why can not extract Grim Dawn - Forgotten Gods DLC's Levels.arc file?

In the latest version, why can not use ArchiveTool.exe to extract Grim Dawn - Forgotten Gods DLC’s Levels.arc file (file path is: “Grim Dawn\gdx2\resources\Levels.arc”), but the other .arc files can be extracted normally.

Not that it helps, but that is not specific to It has not worked for quite some time (not sure it ever did).

There is a third party tool that can extract it though, try grimarc

How to get the grimarc?

Seems to have disappeared from github (the source is still there, but not the .exe)

grimarc_v1.0.1.zip (9.9 KB)

Extracts stuff to C:\extracted (or D: etc., whichever drive you run it on)

Thanks, I try it.