Why do I loose my pets when I switch weapons?

I am a nightblade and occultist. Sorry with the names, I love the game, but not very savvy at it. I am having fun. One thing, I don’t get is when I cast my pets, Raven and Dog(wolf?) and I have a gun in one hand and something else in another hand, then I switch to dual, my pets disappear.

Yes, I know without knowing my build (most likely horrible, but having fun) and what weapons I have, most likely will not help. Just in case someone savvy enough and knows what I am talking about can lead me to where I should be looking.

If I am in dual weapons, cast my pets, switch to my gun, pets stay, but disappear when I switch back to dual. I tried reading what I have, but my problem is with information overload my brain just shuts down, and I don’t understand anything.

because by design

Hi Davor,
Could you post some img of your weapons?
And did you switch weapon by click (one by one) or tap “W”(can change to another letter in setting)?

weapon swap makes pets unsummon if you have some change in their +skills

this was patched to make sure one can not summon pets on high level on weapon swap etc

Yep. Me either.

Find it kinda sad though.
Things like these seem to be the only use left in being able to switch weapons.
Is there ONE build out there that actually USES switch-weapons?

One time I came rly close in having a benefit of switching from time to time. But that build used seals of corruption, so…

once the build is complete ? maybe not. On the way to getting there ? definitely…

What Ulvar said. Players were exploiting a system where they would use a bunch of gear to summon superbuffed pets with skill ranks, then swapping to their standard setup so the developers made it so any change in a pet’s skill ranks unsummons them.

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For me the weapon swap is a relic from D2 that even then didn’t have an use beyond exploiting self-buffing and summons. It’s meant to give you an alternative way of fighting certain kind of enemies that your main attacks are ineffective to, but it just doesn’t fit this type of ARPG. This genre is mostly about stats optimization. By having a secondary weapon you’ll end up with one of two scenarios: investing on both of your weapon sets and ending up with a subpar build, just like pet hybrid builds, or focusing on your main source of damage making your secondary weapon practically useless in most situations.

I wouldn’t mind if it gets removed. Most of the time it just creates confussion. Just think how often people create threads here to complain that their weapons suddenly dissapeared without realizing that they accidentally swapped them.

I do use weapon swap a bit where I have both a ranged and melee weapon equipped. I do that a lot in Titan Quest, particularly for my melee characters. It’s sometimes just safer to tackle some heroes/bosses with a bow rather than trying to facetank them.

Malformed Effigy is the culprit. I guess the +1 to Occult skills is the reason after reading all the comments. I can still be wrong, but when I unequipped it, I could change weapons, left thumbstick click or W my pets don’t dissapear.

Thank you to everyone who replied. I appreciate the help. I am starting to understand more and more now.