Why do Scions of Hunger drop random crafting materials?

They used to have a (low) chance of dropping Celestial Lotus. Now, after my latest run on Elite, I had one drop a Tainted Brian Matter and the other a Manticore Eye? Did they eat some Aetherials and Manticores in their hunger? :smiley:

probably not related to lore. crate might just want players to get more craft materials from their morgoneth dungeon runs to compensate the rng for the magi spawn chances.

I was joking about lore relations, but then why doesn’t Grimtools show this? I am level 97 - the monster loot table only shows Celestial Lotus and the Morgoneth set parts as potential loot.

I did a few Morgo dungeon runs in recent days. Scions only dropped me one or two lotuses. And this dungeon was out for a year now, didn’t see any other mats drop from them. Only a vendor sells one rare mat per run.

No, they definitely drop other stuff too. Maybe it is only on non-ultimate, but they dropped random materials on my 2 runs. I don’t mean the vendor, these dropped from the Scions.