Why does Forcewave still have a CD?

It’s really late and i should be in bed but i just trying out aether forcewave and confused… +100% skill cooldown reduction on the bubble. yet the CD is still there.

ANNNNND that’s why you need to get more sleep. bubble is 2h only :stuck_out_tongue:

  • testing note: aether forcewave + no CD callidor on my battlemage is working a lot better than it should… utterly wrecking i thought it would feel more gimmicky

There is a transmuter to remove FW CD - just use it!
You can add CD to CT with transmuter, if you want.

Ya I would but sticking with sword/shield on this guy

Then you don’t get to use Tremor. Rethink your build.

Nah. This is an indestructible IT tank. He’s got 50k dps stock with 1300 hp/s regen and 4K armor. Best all around everything-build I have atm.

<3 bonesnap gavel. He can get 80k IT ticks with ease which isn’t too bad for 1h tank.

You Krieging, Markovian… Oct? A mix match?

full markovians. earthshatter boots, mythical mark of kalastore medal, goliath ring + closed fist of vengeance, hammerfall girdle, chauses of barbaros, colossal grasp gloves, doom relic.

and he’s actually 40k dps before any procs, as of my last bit of tweaking. but has quite a bit of IT dmg, cadence main, with forcewave on CD.

77% block chance 5.1k blocked w perma-overguard, his dps stays the same w overguard on due to gloves + shield dmg buffs for overguard. 2432 OA base, so not bad.

just tweaked again and by dropping to 3800 armor and 1200/s regen he can get 150k IT ticks without fighting spirit on (testing on dummies). dps went from 40 to 46k

But which flavor of Soldier? :wink: